• Mission Statement:

    To turn aspiring pilots into world-class pilots by providing them with schools who provide the best possible Pilot training, and to assist the student in every way of achieving a successful career in aviation in which they will make a significant contribution to the industry.

  • Director Message

    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you, the world’s future aviators to HM Aviation. You have chosen, what I feel is the most dynamic and exciting career in the world; one of which I am so proud to be a part of. On behalf of the team at HM Aviation, I will make sure your money and recourses are put to the best possible use. HM Aviation has a team of highly trained and experienced academic counsellors committed to your success. We are affiliated with flying schools from around the world, and have sent our students to only the very best. HM Aviation is connected with the most outstanding flight schools from diverse locations to ensure the student attends the school at the location which suits them best. HM Aviation was formed by professionals who saw the need to fill the growing demands of the industry with highly trained professionals. A student’s only concern should be about their flight training. HM Aviation stands behind the student at every step of their career. With offices across India, and affiliations with flight schools around the world, HM Aviation is in the best possible position to build aviation careers. We recognize the growth in air travel not only requires more pilots, but also cabin crew and ground personnel. As a result, HM Aviation builds flying careers in all aspects of aviation. The core values of excellence and professionalism are promoted at every level by HM Aviation. I would like to personally welcome each and every student to the family at HM Aviation. We are certain that choosing HM Aviation will be the best decision you’ll ever make, and it will be the most rewarding and enjoyable experience. I wish you every success in your career, and once again, welcome to HM Aviation!

  • Objectives:

    To assist students in obtaining a visa for the country in which they wish to study. To make all necessary preparations for studying in another country. To provide the best possible training facilities on the most modern aircraft. To fully prepare the student for the selection process of the airlines including: preparation for the aptitude, psychometric, interview, and simulator evaluations To provide full job placement assistance to ensure student has a successful career in aviation. To supply the industry with well trained, competent pilots to meet the demands of the industry.